Void Trader is an intellectual property covering a trading space game, science fiction screenplay and novel, and associated soundtracks for film and games.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about the Void Trader project and to track progress toward achieving the project goals. The project is broken into the three primary categories of game development, writing, and music composition. The primary focus of the Void Trader project is game development.

The Story

Void Trader takes place in the Shokjo Star System. Our protagonist is a smuggler transporting goods between several waring factions. Our hero gets mixed up in the political struggle when a princess stows away on his ship. As she flees an arranged marriage intended to join two of the factions they find themselves fixing the problems of the star system.

The Game

You take on the role of a smuggler or Void Trader. It is up to you to establish trading routes and deal with the conflicts between waring factions. You will explore settlements and attempt to strike new trade deals. Upgrade your ship and build trade fleets. Establish space stations and open new businesses to support your trade empire. Fight pirates, faction police and military, and enemy smugglers. Explore, expand, trade, and fight your way to dominate the Shokjo Star System.

The Music

Grand soundscapes and minimal beats will drive the Void Trader soundtrack. Music from the Shokjo System by juncmodule.